Monday, October 26, 2015

The Celebration Continues - Building the Next Generation

  We have arrived at our last week of celebration of US Cyber Security Awareness month!

   I've been posting comments in line with the weekly themes put together by DHS.  This week the theme is Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals.

   Whenever information security managers get together, one of the topics is often the talent crunch.  In almost any metro area in the US there is close to zero unemployment in security.  Add to that the coming brain drain as the baby boomers retire, and we have a looming problem.

   On the positive side, we're seeing more university and community college infosec programs.

   But there is more work than people.  The federal government estimates that they need 10,000 new infosec professionals in the coming years.  How is that going to work?

   The federal government has (had) two programs to encourage students to get into information security, also called information assurance.  The first program is called Scholarships For Service (yes, I realize that link goes to!).  This program provides generous stipends for undergraduate or graduate students.  In return for the funding, the student works at a Federal, State, Local, or Tribal Government organization in an information assurance position for one year for each year of the scholarship.

   The other program is called the Information Assurance Scholarship Program and is currently unfunded by the DoD.

   So that's great for current students, parents of current or future students, and hiring government organizations.  How about the rest of us?

   There is good news for people who are interested in, or interested in learning more about, information security.  Security is a team sport!  And we need security evangelists in all areas of all organizations!

   There are great ways to learn more about information security.  As I've written about before, (that's an old article that I'll update one day!) I really enjoy podcasts - online audio or video shows.  And there are many to choose from including many on information security.  Some of my current favorites include:
   Of course, there are plenty of online written resources.  In addition to following me on Twitter @bcaplin (which you all do already! :-), I find good updates and resources on Reddit, and infosec sub-reddits and there are too many free online courses to even list (a few searches should turn up some for you).

   Finally, as we wrap up another Cyber Security Awareness Month, here are a few useful tip sheets from Homeland Security:

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