Talk Topics

   Contact me to speak on Information Security and Internet Safety topics.

   Internet Safety topics:

1. Internet Safety for Children and Families. description
2. How to be a Tech-Smart Parent - What Parents Need to Know about the Technology Their Kids Use. description
3. Online Self-Defense. description
4. Teens 2.0 – Social Networks and Your Kids. description
5. Outsmarting your Smartphone – Top 10 Tips for Taming the Toy. description
6. WiFi for Smart People who aren't sure how to set it up securely! description
7. Identity Theft and What You Can Do About It. description

        Information Security topics:

1.  The Dreaded Embedded description
2.  CISOs are from Mars, CIOs are from Venus description
3.  Healing Healthcare InfoSec description
4.  Rocking the NIST CSF description
5.  It's not If, but When description
6.  Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve… Literally! description
7.  The CISO Guide – How Do You Spell CISO? description
8.  #*%! my CISO Says. description
9.  3 Factors of Fail description
10.  IT Consumerization – iPad’ing the Enterprise or BYO Malware? description
11.  Embracing the IT Consumerization Imperative. description
12.  Toys in the Office… You got chocolate on my iPad! description
13.  The Accidental Insider. description
14.  Marketing Security. description
15.  Internal Risk Management a.k.a. the Insider Threat. description
16.  Risk Management 101. description

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