Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gotta Catch Some of 'Em

   Because you just can't catch 'em all!

   I guess I can't get around having to comment on Pokemon Go.

   If you have children, or if you were, born in the 90's through the 00's then you know all about Pokemon.  It used to be about the cards, action figures and, of course, the video games.  Remember the Game Boys, game cartridges and all the sounds and music?!

   With Pokemon Go, the game has gone from sometimes mobile to really mobile.  And from sometimes social to a social phenomenon.

   It's not farfetch'd!
   For some reason, many adults seem to dislike this game, siting issues like inattention to surroundings, time spent playing, etc.  I think the game is great!  Here are my top reasons why (major caveat... I have not actually played the game!  These are my observations as a technology and security professional and as a parent):
  • It gets kids out of the house - many people need a little Vitamin D.  One of the biggest complaints about gaming and computers for kids is that they don't get outside enough.
  • It gets kids moving - #exercise.  While there have been some attempts at game-ifying exercise, such as Wii Fit, it never really caught on.  Pokemon Go gets people outdoors and moving around.  In fact, part of the game is logging lots of steps.
  • It's for "kids" of all ages - parents can play along with their kids!  You don't have to play, but at the very least it's a great opportunity to be involved.
  • It's really social - you may remember that, back in the day, players could connect two Gameboys so two people could battle.  Now people are connecting IRL (In Real Life) as they hike trails, walk through cities or congregate at parks or other PokeStops.
  • It's another step toward acceptance of Augmented Reality.  Unlike Virtual Reality, in which one is entirely immersed in a manufactured visual scene, Augmented Reality overlays images, text or other information on top of what you are actually looking at.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brexit Protection - click here

   Brexit Protection... or should we call it Brexitection? :-)

   How does Brexit affect your finances?  Do you care?  Plenty of people do.

   And that creates an opportunity for scammers.

   Any time there are major news events, particularly disasters or anything economic, people get worried. and the scammers are right there to play on those fears.

   According to the Telegraph, they have seen emails with subjects such as "Brexit causes historic market drop". These emails have links that supposedly connect to pages with information on how to protect your investments.  Of course, they actually download malware to the victims computer.

   This is a common problem... common because it works.

   We've covered this topic before... and the advice remains the same.  In fact, here are my top 10 email scam tips from a 2013 post!  These are just as relevant today as then.  And they will be relevant years from now: