Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Read With Your Ears

   I remember an old joke from when I was a kid. Someone would hold an item and say "look at this". Then when you reach out to take whatever they had, they would pull it back and say "you see with your eyes". That's only funny to a kid. But here's a different take on that... I read with my ears.

   I really love audiobooks. Since discovering audiobooks a few years ago my reading has gone way up.  I've read a bunch of books over the past few years including business books, science fiction, fiction, nonfiction/history, and all kinds of interesting things. But sometimes I'll mention that I just read a book, or I'm reading a book, but some people don't necessarily consider that "reading".

   For me the important part is that I'm getting the information, and I'm getting renewed appreciation of reading. Audio though my smartphone fits my busy lifestyle.  In fact, if I had a faster way to get information into my brain, for instance like in the movie The Matrix, I would be first in line for that!

   In addition to audiobooks, I also really enjoy podcasts.  I'll do a future post on my podcast list.

   I also read with my eyes. We live in the information age and there's so much information that I have to keep up with daily just for work, and to be able to provide information to others on security topics like Internet safety. It's just not possible to absorb everything just from books. Articles, webcasts and podcasts are fantastic ways of getting information and I'll talk about those kinds of things in the future post.

   So what you think? Is listening to an audiobook reading? Does it really matter how are getting the information from the book as long as you're getting the information? Do you like audio books? What do you think?

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