Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One Size Does Not Fit All

   The annual Secure360 conference kicked off yesterday in St. Paul with pre-conference sessions. 
Secure360 is the major upper Midwest security conference and has become a US national event, now in its 11th year (I think!).

   I'll be pretty busy at this year's conference.  I've actually spoken at every Secure360, but this year I did a half-day seminar yesterday on BYOD, and tomorrow I've got back-to-back talks - one on the Insider Threat I call "The Accidental Insider" (blog post), and one on authentication "3 Factors of Fail" (blog series starts here).  Slides for all are on my slideshare site.

   I've got a wide variety of topics to cover!

   And that's what is so cool, and critical, about conferences.

   It's important to know that there is more than one way to accomplish anything.  It's important to know what other people are doing... how they are solving challenges.  We've all got the same challenges and need to learn from each other.

   But it's just as important to realize that a "best" solution in one environment might be good in another.  The key is to learn... to take what you need to learn and leave the rest... to learn how to incorporate these ideas into ones that are good in your environment.

   And this is why I don't like the phrase "best practice".  Best means best.  We can't know what is best.  But there are many "good practices".

   So, enjoy Secure360.  Learn things.  Find good practices and apply them in your environment.

   And... come see my talks!

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