Tuesday, June 20, 2017


   I received this great news in email today.  For some reason gmail marked it as spam!  But it looks great to me! :-)

   OK, so clearly it's not real.  Let's talk about the indicators...
  1. The From line - the email address doesn't match the name of the sender
  2. A Reply-To line that is yet another different address.  In this case I'd expect addresses with treasury.gov or something similar
  3. Generic greeting - it doesn't use my name, or any name, or a company name
  4. Promise of a big payout - no, I didn't win!
  5. Generic info - once again, nothing that refers directly to me.  Yes, I guess this could be a generic form email, but not for this kind of payout!
  6. Call to action - while the email contains no links or attachments, it first enticed me with a big payday and then wants me to take action.  And what's the harm in replying?... it lets them know that I am real and that I am willing to take the next step.  The next step could involve: sending my bank info, providing other personal info, or even arranging an in-person meeting.
  7. Context - perhaps most importantly, this email just doesn't make sense for me.  I don't own a company and there is just no context for me receiving this.

   Do you see any other indicators?  Would you have responded?

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